Monday, 17 March 2014

Ashlee's Home Learning Project - Inquiry Learning

Ashlee from room 4 has been busy investigating on her inquiry topic : Germination of Seeds or in Ashlee's own words "How Are Seeds Made ?"

Ashlee you have worked so hard in sourcing all your information and compiling it into a mini book which is now very proudly owned and displayed in Room 4.

Ashlee has sourced books from the library and with her Mum's help has collated all her information from the various books into her own book on how seeds germinate and in larger sense it answers the question on the Life Cycle Of A Plant too.

Well Done Ashlee !!  I hope to see many more such fascinating investigations and inquiry based learning from you. 

Thank you for sharing all your findings with your classmates.... and with me.

 Ashlee's Mini Book - How Are Seeds Made ?
 Cover Page
 Contents Page
 These are watermelon seeds and apple seeds
 These are sunflower seeds and pumpkin seeds
 All about pollen and its features
"Flower to the Rose, the Buzzy Bee goes" a rhyme made up by Ashlee when she was in Kindy aged 4 years.
 All about the flowers and how they use pollen to grow the fruit with seeds.
 And some flowers only make seeds and not any fruits.
 Strawberries are Ashlee's favourite fruit and it has lots of seeds.
 Seeds from the fruits grown can be planted to grow new flowers and that is how the lifecyle continues.
 List of all the books used as resources.
 How Do Plants Grow ? By Melissa Stewart.
 Book - Flowers And Seeds
 The life cycle of an Apple
 Apple life cycle
 How Do Plants Grow ?
 Another book - Plants and Flowers.
 Here is Ashlee with all her resource books
Ashlee with her book " How Are Seeds Made ?" - written and compiled by 
Miss Ashlee Hay.


  1. Ashlee, I know how enthusiastic you were to do this project and the hours you put in to it. I am proud of you and your huge effort and I look forward to seeing you continue to yearn to learn:-) Love mum

  2. Room 4 says "Thank You, Eloise."