Tuesday, 4 March 2014

ARDEYN'S Inquiry Topic - " How Does Milk Get Into Bottles ?"

Today we had Ardeyn from Room 4 who did some fantastic fact finding on the his Inquiry Topic -


Well Done Ardeyn !!  You have discovered some interesting facts about Dairy Farming and about New Zealand's very Own Dairy Company -  FONTERRA.  How cool is that.

Ardeyn learnt that milk produced by Cows gets treated for impurities or bugs when it is put in the big machinery in the milk factory . After that it is bottled up and sent to the Super Markets.

Ardeyn also discovered  all about Tankers that carry the Milk from the Farmer to the factory and Delivery Trucks that supply the bottled milk to the super markets.

Thank You Ardeyn for sharing these amazing facts about milk production and dairy farming with Room 4 !!



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  1. well done Ardeyn, great project. I hope that Dominic will also learn all about how milk gets to the shops from where we buy it. I am looking forward to Dominic's first project. Paul (Dominic's daddy)