Sunday, 22 March 2015

First Day of Enviro Week - 23.03.2015

On the first day of ENVIRO WEEK - Room 4 along with Room 5 have got on to a head start on creating Dr. Suess's Reading Corner outside our classes... look how clever we are, we have begun painting our truffula trees and our benches.....

 Look at Oli, how focussed he is while painting one of our many truffula trees..
 Vaydem, Shynal, Neil and Edvin are doing some sensible 'Read To Self' while they wait for their turn to do some painting.
 Great attention to detail Kendall - keep it up!!

 Awesome effort Isabella, you are really enjoying yourself in this Enviro Project.
 The Kids are busy sanding the paint off before we start re-painting them in Dr. Suess's colours.
 Great going Edvin - you did an awesome job at sanding those benches.
Amber worked very hard today - first sanding out and then painting the benches - great job Amber - you a real help around the classroom.

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